Z 2 A

Take a book. Tear out a page on the first day. Tear an another on the second day, another on the third and then another on the fourth and so on. You will reach a stage where there is nothing left but the useless leather bound cover. And then suddenly you wanted the book back and started groping for it. To your utter surprise and disappointed you found out that there was only one copy of that book which was destroyed. What will you do? You will go to the writer, beseech him and pay him for an another copy. Where will the writer start? He will dig into the deepest bowels of his brain, scrutinize every neuron and with perennial perseverance form the electrical impulses and puts his heart into words to be cherished by others. Here the writer's heart, emotions, feelings, perceptions are transformed into a book. An other book might be printed using the first one, but if the first one was destroyed at the first place, then you again have to rush back to the writer who formed the idea. The book may be torn apart, burnt or hidden, but the idea that was behind it can never be. Unfortunately we notice the book, but never the idea that formed it. But what remains forever is the idea, however the book evolves of transforms. If we could keep track of the evolution of the book, then we could reach a level, where we can again produce the book from any stage. Similar is the pattern the contemporary technological inventions evolved and it is our biggest duty to keep track of the way they transformed from basic scientific principles, so that new inventions can be made from them, whereas the present ones can be made more efficient and sophisticated.

TECHNOZION 2k17 dedicates itself to all those clandestine and shunned scientific ideas and principles so that we can inspire many minds and spun a few more inventions. Come here, learn the step by manner the ideas evolved, go through the hardships the ideas faced before becoming one of the greatest inventions and aspire to create one, cuz we build, we create, we innovate and we transform; we are engineers - the pioneers of technology.