Wearable Technology.

New technology is not good or evil in and of itself. It's all about how people choose to use it.
--David Wong

Tony Stark jumps from the giant skyscraper with his super cool armour suite (and so the name Iron Man) and shoots off the goons with his special blasters and also does save Manhattan (attractive spot for aliens probably) by carrying a pretty heavy ton nuke into the sky and destroying the enemy spaceship. Iron Man saves the day! The interesting thing to be actually noted here is the strength of the iron suite to carry such a heavy stuff and boosting off into the sky. People think such a piece of technology is only possible by CGI effect animators, but guess what? The present rate at which the technology of our world is pacing, a fully functional tech vest is definitely possible in the near future (who knows, you might be the Tony Stark of the 2020s).

In our tech world, these are called the “Exoskeleton Wearable Technologies.” Maybe not as equipped as the Avenger’s one, but there are some exoskeleton wearables currently produced and used in many fields like giving an augmented physical strength to industrial labourers especially those from automobile industries and other important use is, they provide a support for paraplegic people.

Though still at experimental stage and used by very few, paraplegic people find this of a big use as the robotic support is designed in such a way that it recognises the walking pattern of the users and reduces their effort to walk next time, and slowly with use, they can do it quite comfortably as the exoskeleton adapts to the body movements. I say this is a great invention designed for a better life purpose. ‘EKSOVEST’, NINJA PLN-42, RB3D’s HERCULE and Innophys’ Muscle Suite are the models currently in use now for the industrial workers, giving them an additional lifting assistance of around 5 to 15 pounds per arm. It is quite a lifesaving technological advancement scientists have ever achieved and will keep achieving until the perfect prototype is into existence.

Technology serves its real motto when it prepares humans for a brighter future. Raising the standards of life and shaping the people’s mind into using the innovations for a better tomorrow has always been the true ideology behind Innovation and tech. Technozion celebrates the meaning of innovation and brings with it a unique approach of a festival of tech where the technology is not just watched but is also made.

PS: This was written by Datta Akhil, a Sub-coordinator for Blogging and Content Writing.