The Take Off!

It is ‘love at first sight’ that people celebrate more than the persistent pursue in order to win her over. It is the first impression that people talk about more often than they do about reinforcement of impression. It is always the first love, first step of a child, first kiss, first cigarette, first salary that matters more than others do. That is how obsessed we are with doing great at the first opportunity we see. Then what do you think, would the new entrants of NITW, with their already awestruck senses charmed by the name NITW carries, would feel about the grandeur of Technozion after the extravagant orientation it held?

I’d have asked them to actually understand how they felt, but when I travel back through time, the memories of my first Technozion flash by and I know how they exactly feel. I remember how I used to lunatically share all the posts on social media just to brag to my friends, how grand our fest was going to be. I remember how I’d attend every guest lecture there ever was, to soak in the fact that the finest brains of India would be addressing us. I remember how much I was thrilled to watch the RC Car Wreckage event and the stunts the buggies performed. I remember how the RC Jahaaz maneuvered it’s way around the mazes in the Time Square fountain area. I remember how the monotonous routine of 4000 odd people needed just three days of the fest to kindle back hopes of an exciting life.

And then everything falls into place and every unanswered question answers itself. Every uncertainty of mine, about the level of anxiety the juniors hold, gets resolved. I guess memories and experiences are the best teachers, if the subject in question is life. And when I experienced the orientation program keeping in the back of my mind the experiences of my first Technozion, I had to keep smiling through the duration of the event. I had to smile at how accurately the team portrayed the importance of participation in workshops and events and yet the students failed to grasp it. I smiled at how indifferent some juniors were, just present to pass their time. I smiled at how expectant some were, to grab all they could from the tiny opening they saw for their entry into college activities. I laughed at each one of those from the crowd. Or to put it accurately, I laughed at the fact that how accurately they depicted my first-year-self.

Everyone talks about the cherry on the cake but only few realise how much responsibility the cherry holds, to be called that. To follow up such a grand orientation was the theme release. I had a tough time deciding which of the two I loved more: The theme or the Theme release. The poster hanging down from the Admin Building, the computer generated voice in the background narrating the story of Chronos and the ambiance of the cheered-up crowd were all that the people around needed to get high. The Open Air music show that followed and the flash mob that stole hearts ended the night on the day’s zenith.

The one thing the day assured was that the event which started with such a bang had lots in store and only good days were due for us and our fest, our own fest.