The Spark That Started It All

“I will begin my series of stories with the tale of Agni.,” said the old bearded man. “Agni, as in fire?” “Right! Agni, the fire. But the story dates back to the time when people were ignorant of Agni and his birth. I’ll now tell you the tale. Let us call it ‘The Agni Origins.’ “Hey old man! You watch a lot of movies for your age.” “I do. Given that I have all the time in the world. Yeah right!”

Oorja was 25 years into his life and yet never felt cold. But the fact that his newborn baby was freezing sent chills down his spine, and for the first time in his life, he shivered. He needed to do something, else the child’s safety would be compromised. He looked around, searching for something warm to cover the child with. But the vast barren lands with the snow-capped trees offered nothing that Oorja needed. The tree leaves would cover the child from the freezing winds but they themselves had such thick layers of snow that they were rendered useless.

Oorja took the child into is hands, and held him as closely as he could. He made sure the breeze wouldn’t brush the tender skin of the infant. But nothing was helping.

Oorja then rubbed his hands together and pressed them onto the child’s skin. Seeing the process work, he repeated it in cycles and the technique started showing positive signs. It was that exact moment when some inexplicable source of divine thought struck him and he did the same rubbing thing with stones around him. The heat it produced burned his hand. But he went on. He tried varying the angle with which he impacted the stones. He varied the frequency of impact and the force at which they met. He tried everything he could for as long as he could.

And then he saw it; a tiny spark being thrown out of the impact zone. He’d never seen any such thing happen ever before, but somehow, in his subconscious mind, he knew the spark would come out. He didn’t even know what a spark was but he could feel the energy get away from the bounds of statics and throw itself out in the happen. He had no scientific theories back then, to prove what just happened but he needed none. He could feel the spark and tell the reason for it to exist. He could feel the heat, literally. And that moment, Agni was reborn or rather discovered. And from then on, till Agni was around, Winter never came. Oorja witnessed one of the greatest discoveries of all time. Or was it invention? He had no clue.

“Fire was not invented. Just discovered. It was always around. But do you know what gift did technology give us? The opportunity to summon it at our will and the opportunity to subside it at our will. The opportunity to ask to calm down when it seems to cause us harm and the opportunity to ask it to use it’s free will when the harm is intended to enemies. Technology gave us the remote to control fire, at least most of the times.”

“Dear children! Do you ever see the heater we see today and realise it wasn’t around forever? It was only in the recent past that it rendered its services to us. Do you ever feel the power plants you see around are not things of the distant past? Do you ever feel that if you could travel back through time, you’d wonder how much the present is offering you? And while taking your route back to the present you could take a peek into the transformations the world has undergone? And do you ever wonder what would be the future of this resource? I’ll tell you, but for that, you need to visit NITW and experience Technozion where I will unravel the timeline of technology.