The Pilot

The thing with words is that they are open to interpretation. I mean look at the word Facebook. Half the parents around here would have written it differently than what Mark would ever have meant if it were ever included in a dictionary. Maybe I am wrong! Maybe the half I was talking about isn’t alone. The other half are with them, at least when their child’s social life is concerned, if not for their marks. “Look at Sharmaji’s son. His recent status update got him 150 likes and 32 loves. It was so good that even I reacted to it with love. Now don’t you worry, I unloved it. Look at his friend list. If your list doesn’t exceed his by the coming weekend, I’ll deactivate your account. You are fit for nothing but Google+,” which parent would ever make this comparison?

Oh yeah! Back to words. The perception does matter. Look at ‘Technozion’. The people who came up with the word thought of it as a promised land (zion) of technology. My perception makes Technozion a more optimistic land. I see the word ‘Horizon’ hidden somewhere. Technozion is a technical horizon, where the land of opportunities and the sky of excellence meet. And unlike an actual horizon, the sky and the land do actually meet.

Where you ask? Just around here, in the beautiful and ancient land called India. You want me to be more specific? Do you know the divorced state and the infant that got into a single parent’s custody? You are, in fact, right. Telangana, crippled at birth, and now growing its limbs at a pace that could make it stronger than any adult carcass. Where in Telangana? There’s a place, not too metro, not too remote. It holds the culture of the twin Telugu states high. The ancient land of Kakatiya, that witnessed the gallant Rudramadevi, symbolizing feminine fierceness. Warangal, where degrees and degree Celsius, both aren’t scarce, the latter owing to the reasons I couldn’t tell you without Meteorology. About the former? I could write pages and still be left with a dictionary full of words, waiting to describe this place, which the auto wallas around here so fondly refer to as REC.

This promised land, a home to few thousands of promising engineers, hosts a fest that promises a sky full of opportunities for you to explore. And if you feel I am bragging, it means you haven’t visited NITW or the fest it hosts. Don’t worry!! people make mistakes and life gives them chances to make amends. Be there for the 2016 chapter of Technozion and get a chance to move past the horizon of success. Experience technology like no one has ever felt, is feeling or will ever feel. Wait! Did I just drop a hint on this year’s theme? Maybe I did. Or maybe not. You’ll have to wait for it.