The Journey Past Time

Thousands of years ago, a man was laughed upon for rubbing two stones together. When they first carved a block of stone into a wheel, the sobriety of the innovators was questioned. When a knowledgeable physicist first proposed sphericity of the earth, millions were infuriated as their religions were questioned.

Technology has come a long way ahead. The household lighter we use, now employs the same principle as that of the rubbing stones. The automobiles we use today, are a result of that spherical wheel that paved the way for a new technical revolution. Hundreds of theories were rewritten and explored further, thanks to the theory proposed by Galileo.

Children, holding coconut shells attached by strings would be amazed by the long distance communication they could achieve. How naive they are, calling 20 metres long distance, don’t you think? One thing technology does, as far as my experience is concerned, is make people feel naïve about their previous self. Look at Ross and his all intellectual self, claiming to be the torch bearer of modern science. All he needed was an indifferent Phoebe to shackle all his beliefs forcing him to accept the teeny tiny possibility of the present day science still needing strides towards reality.

So when someone, hidden in the laboratories working days and nights to disprove theories common to man, would come out and make revelations that would for once, change everything that mankind ever knew, where would you be? Would you rather sit in your room watching Ross and Phoebe argue? Would you rather prefer watching Zlatan making his presence felt at Old Trafford? Or would you be there, watching the theories known to mankind collapse and look at the new ones being formed, just to wait for someone else to make them a debris again?

What if I told you that even if such revolutions do not actually happen while you’re still alive, you can witness the tables of technology turning around? What if I told you could watch the coconut shell communication passing through stages and giving us the smart-phone, an inseparable part of our life. What if I told you that you could witness the Flinstones’ four-wheeled leg-powered automobile taking the form of a Bugatti? What if I told you could witness all these and a lot more, just in 3 days, by being a part of South India’s second largest fest?

Let us take a moment, rather a whole technical fest, to appreciate the distance technology has travelled. Let us retrace the path and embrace the remarkable journey. Let us travel, beyond places and beyond tenses. Let us take some time out to travel through time. Let us go beyond the trivial Audis and Bugattis, and transport ourselves using a time machine and witness the pillars of science and technology collapse.

Let us today, worship a different god. The god of time: CHRONOS.