The Future.

He was getting ready in his formal attire like he always does before going to office. But it was momentous that day as he was doing that on a Sunday. He was so invigorated that day. It was the day he craved for and exerted for. It was the day he is going to win her. Yes, the one who propelled him to peep into the future and bring it out of the box. He arrived at the scintillating venue with many technocrats, amidst whom he dreamed of meeting her. He was gifted with her and he lifted her with his hands with happy tears. Award for 'best innovator of the year' is what he lifted and it was what he used to call as ABIY and refer it as her. He was able to win her because he encountered the future in a quest of meeting her.

What it is to meet the future? Do you think it's doing space travel in a time machine, meeting future self and feeling astounding? It is all fictional which is not the engineer's perspective. Meeting the future is not going in search of it, it's essentially creating it. Future is not found in spacecraft or astronautics, it may lie with technocrats or mechatronics. The pale blue drops of liquid from the nozzle of a burette diving into a pink fluid in the conical flask turning it into a specified futuristic solid is where future really lies. It is about altering ten lines of logic in a legacy code of thousands of lines which can make a phenomenal increase in the performance and user experience. Design of a physically embodied machine which is intelligent enough to sense and manipulate the surroundings, may it be prosthetic or robotic, is a sensible sight of the future. Future is even centred around the redesign of the ratio of a carburettor which can cause a remarkable decrease in the fuel intake or the pollution. Flying drones, monitoring the medical parameters of a person, predicting a heartache with accuracy and informing it to a doctor is what future is. It evidently lies in preparing a valuable grout which is cost-effective or resurrecting a dead gene to fight cancer.

Meeting the future is all about essential dreaming and imperative design. It's about foreseeing it and reifying it. Maybe one can't do that all alone, together we do that in Technozion. We all blend to share our ideas in the symposium and together meet the future. This year our Technozion is going to be celebrated with its most connected theme ENCONTRO, a vision of tomorrow. Join us on 28-30 September. We will be there to be your squire, come lets us meet the future together.

PS: This was written by Pavan Krishna Gadde, a Final year ECE student.