The Engineered 79..

There was once a mud house on the fringes of the village. Owned by a healer, the other residents of the house were a stack of candles and some puffs of air sufficient enough to occupy the room. Each night the healer arrived, burned some candles and left the house in the morning. And each night the air looked at the candle, sometimes killed the fire it produced or devoured the candle by letting it burn until the end. The air noticed that every time the candle was put out, the healer again lit it and made the candle weep. One fine morning, after the healer had left the house, the air said to a half burned piece of candle, "Your master is a very cruel man. He burns you even after I try to save you a hundred times. He doesn't even stop when you are weeping. Why do you serve him?"

The candle guffawed at the air and replied, "Thought of asking you the same. Why do you hover around me and supply oxygen though I heat you. Cuz your purpose is to do so. And my purpose is to provide light by sacrificing myself. It's not even a sacrifice, it is my duty. I was made to do so, and I am glad that my master provided an opportunity to achieve my goal. You said that I was weeping. I wasn't weeping, I was sweating. It is the duty of my master to give me a chance and the rest is left to me. You claimed that you are saving me by putting me out, but what I feel is you are a hindrance to me; you stop me from doing things I like, whereas my master is my lifeline helping me rise again. He is the one who made me what I am today and I am proud of him."

Here the candle represents the students, the air is the failure and the healer is an epitome of TZ. Each year one or the other drawback stops us,but each year Technozion rises and makes the students showcase what they strived for. This time there is no exception. Technozion 2017 is preparing to awe the students once again with its wide array of events. Stay tuned to swoon to the deafening music and scintillating lights of the Pro Shows. Muster the guts to go through the tensed circuit of the Wreckage and Jahaaz. Feel free to learn something worthy in the Workshops and be overwhelmed by the TZ night. All the unlimited extravaganza is just two months away. Mark the dates 27,28, 29 in the deepest of your memories and live them to the fullest of dreams.

Wait... Have we forgotten something? Seems so. To remember what we forgot, let's eavesdrop the air and candle again.

Surprised by the candle's reply, the air said, "Ok, you said that your goal is to serve your master. But what will you be remembered for? What is your true purpose? You are simply a squat cylindrical piece of wax, killed in an hour and merge with me to be forgone forever."

The candle countered the air by saying, "Yes you are right. I am done and dusted in an hour. But what the healer does in that one hour using me is reminisced forever. Every night he reads under the light I provide and learns some cures. The next day he applies his knowledge to save the lives of people. You think that my life has ended the moment I died, but I believe that I have transformed myself into the knowledge of my master, to the exuberant smiles of people and eternal lives of humans. From a simple squat piece of wax, I have evolved to something more sophisticated and magnificent. I am not dying today, I am merely transformed to every breath that exists on this planet."

If a simple candle an identify itself in such an esteemed role to serve human beings, why should the brilliant ideas of our scientists be denied the glory they deserve. Technozion 2017 aims to unearth the basic ideas behind contemporary innovations and study how these ideas gradually evolved to what they are today. Take for example,the basic idea behind a rocket is the action reaction law formulated by Newton. The foundation for GPS lies in Einstein's brain which proposed the theory of relativity. Nuclear fission for power generation, Bernoulli's principle for aeroplanes, conductivity and resistivity for electric bulbs, semiconducting nature of silicon for super computers... every idea has transformed to a purposeful innovation that serves the humans. TZ 2017 catches every such idea that started from nothing and turned to a great invention, and appreciate its transformation.

Just as simple metal is turned to gold by alchemists, we engineers transform the basic ideas to innovations. In a way we are a kind of alchemists, and what we do can be termed as Alchemy, or Alquimia in Spanish.