Technically Humane.

Interesting how a few pages of code, and a few wires set in a plastic casing forming circuits, bound in a polymer forming a single entity which blends alike with human skin and gives birth to one of the major technological advances in human history. Robots; behave like human and facilitate all the functions a human does, but the only difference may be the empathy they lack. 'It' talks, moves, behaves like you and me, has computing power beyond our imagination, but can that replace us? It remains a question, a mystery yet to be unfolded. While many will claim that affirmatively, but there still prevails an eerie silence in that affirmation too.

This silence is the indication of how man and science or technology can co-exist but never replace each other; both are vital parts of this earth. Robots are the live evidence of the technological prowess possessed by us. But this not only indicates the advancement of science but also proves that even in an era of robots and humanoids like Sofia i.e. automatic machines; human race with its empathy and its creativity is required, to run a device which has the power to replace it.

This empathy is the thing that distinguishes man from anything else be it robots or animal or plants. But with these advancements, few people to satisfy their greed, forget their basic responsibilities as a human being, forget the traces of humanity in them. This greed sometimes in the quest of its demands turns homo sapiens worse than the robots and humanoids. And then the mother nature interferes to bring back equilibrium and to do justice to all the misdemeanours of human beings.

This fall, as the forest sheds its leaves in different shades and then blends all together with mother earth for a healthier co-existence, Technozion also approaches to celebrate the co-existence of human race and science and the deep-rooted connection with mother nature. Let us all cultivate a little more empathy towards each other and mother nature in every little thing we do; to do justice to humanity given to us by virtue of our birth.

PS: This was penned by Bristi Panja, a sub-coordinator for Blogging and Content Writing.