Switch Off

The father of one of my friends owns 3 houses, 2 flats and millions as part of his property. When asked if so much excess of money would ever be of use to him, he laughed at me and told me that 10 generations succeeding his would live happily even if they didn’t earn. I doubted the happiness he was talking about and so wanted to get into details and study the issue. Now that our old man, Chronos, is with us, we have the luxury of travelling through time, I asked Chronos to transport me into 3 generations from now, to check if at least the challenge holds for 30% of the duration, the passing criterion.

When I arrived in the future, at the same room that I and my friend were staying in the present, I was thankful that it was night we chose the adventure for, as the future inhabitants were sleeping and so we didn’t scare anyone. It was strange; the room, the ambiance and the fact that the new inhabitant slept with the fan off. The ambiance was so hot that even a fan wouldn’t help. But he chose to switch that off too. Attempts to turn on the fan failed and so we explored other rooms and were amazed at the fact that fans were switched off everywhere else too.

Talking to people the succeeding day provided us with insights. They told they had power only for an hour every day. The fact that they talked about the power hours and not those of power cut made us feel the intensity. When questioned about the reason for the same, they were perplexed and that in turn perplexed us. It was an aged person that could answer us and it was him alone. He told us that the days were gone when the power was abundant and we had both quality and quantity in the resources available.

It was no more necessary for us to look for the future of the man who challenged us, for he had already lost. He was successful in giving his future generations monetary resources but not the ones they needed. The money they had could buy nothing that would keep the future generations happy. We thus traveled back in to the present and awarded my friend's dad an F grade. He failed, and that too miserably.

Moved by the would be story of our future, the TZ team has decided to do something. The team feels it is better to SWITCH OFF while it still matters than keeping it switched off permanently. To ensure the same, an initiative named ‘SWITCH OFF” was undertaken as a part of which the lights were switched off for a stipulated time and the importance of saving power was preached. A candle march from the ladies hostel to the Mega hostel was held and the students displayed the luminous candles in a TZ shaped formation. The same was displayed on the B-Block of Ultra Mega Hostel.

The team also made sure the students were kept reminded of the same in the form stickers on students’’ doors. To a fest which focuses on the technology through time, it is necessary for us to make sure there are resources available for the future to put the technology into application.