Surreptitious !!

“Why is it that when one man builds a wall, the next man immediately needs to know whats on the other side? “ - TYRION LANNISTER.

Well, the whole adulations make their way to “inquisitiveness” in this regard. It, being the prime reason behind all the tremendous innovations and inventions made. If we peep into the history, there will be one paramount and noteworthy factor which adheres to every innovation made and is in common. It is the TIME LAG or the period of the incubation of innovation. This usually is the time taken for the new thing to take its shape after the basic idea originally was published or discovered.

240 years after Newton’s development of third law, the rocket was invented. It almost took a century to make a telephone in 1876 after the first principles of telecommunication were discovered. Though, the time periods may change it is associated with almost every development made. Now, if we take a look forward into the future, we’ll arrive at something astounding and worth thinking.

“THE SOLUTION TO EACH AND EVERY HINDRANCE OF THE PRESENT DAY, LIES MOSTLY IN THE IDEAS ALREADY DISCOVERED.” The ways to arrive at those solutions are secretly hidden in lockers and chests with groundbreaking ideas, as the key usually complimented by the “need”. So, all we need to do is wheeling the process in full pace. The secrets need to be disclosed. At the end of the day, the point I would like to put forth is the requirement to transform ideas to innovation, the primitive idea behind ALCHEMY.

An idea, no matter how rudimentary it may be can gain significance as proved by the history and as Lord Varys said “A very small man can cast a large shadow.” So, gear up. Utilize the resources. Be a part of the change as it is the only constant !!