Season 12, Episode 0: The Making

At the heart of the pop culture that drives millennials lies a seemingly unending list of the newest TV shows. Social media becomes abuzz with fan theories and devoted loyalists of a drama or sit-com immerse themselves into binge-watching previous seasons prior to the release of a new ‘season’. Drawing parallels to life at NIT Warangal, the college is bustling with everyone of us punching in our best efforts for the upcoming 12th edition of our annual tech fest - Technozion.
When I look back three years down the memory lane, the first mention of ‘Technozion’ post stepping into college in 2014, I was thrilled that ‘zion’ meant ‘the promised land’. And boy, did this fest live up to promises and expectations! Those three days of innumerable brilliantly organized events based on everything tech, workshops abundant with knowledge, pro-shows where stars graced us with live performances, and mainly witnessing the college campus at its liveliest and best was indeed memorable as a first-year student teeming with excitement.

Each of us associates fondly with a certain year of TZ (the shorthand in trend for Technozion) for the work they put in, for the fun they had, and the joy of participating and winning in events. TZ itself has had a wonderful journey through 12 years. What started in 2006 as our first technical fest in college is now one of the biggest tech fests in all of South India with a galore of attractions in the 3 days that turn the college into a melting pot of scores of students attending from all over the country.

Every edition of Technozion is rendered special because of a ‘theme’ that is associated with it. In the past, TZ themes have ranged from seeking to create awareness through ‘Go Green’ and ‘Climate Change’ to exploring ever advancing spheres of ‘Space’ and ‘Technology and Evolution’. The themes form the underlying essence of the fest. More recently, TZ in 2012 revolved around an interesting concept of ‘Gandhian Engineering’ going with a tagline of “more from less for more” - the mantra for the existence of every engineer who seeks to be an innovator. To follow the spirit of innovation, 2013 witnessed ‘Ethical Innovation’ as the theme wherein we aimed to educate masses about how ethics and ingenious innovations go hand in hand and the rising importance of innovating ethically. In 2014, we explored the history of past ages with the theme ‘Primitive Engineering’ to devise a fusion of primitive technology with modern advancements. Post the past and the present, we took a flight to the future with ‘Digital India’ in 2015. Digitization is touted by the Modi era to be the at the helm of driving forces to a truly developed India. TZ 2016 chronicled the technological revolution with ‘Chronos’ which unraveled the timeline of technology.

The end of reminiscing through remarkable years of Technozion brings us to the much awaited 2017 edition. The TZ team is working to leave no stone unturned for, three days of splendid fun are in the works!

Rest assured, this year we are going for ‘gold’ (major theme hint alert!) on a magical journey of Technozion 2017.

Step aboard the hype train for the theme release arriving on 22nd August, 6:00 PM at Times Square!

TZ Theme Release