“The human body and its processes are well designed by god. Truly, it’s a sublime gift bestowed on us by that great entity,” says a faith filled person. “It’s the evolution from the ages that made human beings compatible to the prevailing conditions,” a science student reiterates squarely. Two antithetical statements resulting from the same start line. That unfazed concept which pervades and remains unaltered throughout certainly is the PERCEPTION.

It has a very imperative significance as this being in an imperceptible different way in the minds of the innovators and scientists made this huge difference from the Stone Age to the present day smart age. Can thinking differently make an innovation?? Is that what it is solely required?? Not completely, I say. Viewing things differently, which indirectly contributes for the thinking discussed earlier can contribute more. In the process of vindication, I would like to bolster with the reference of the Newton-Apple story. The Watt-Kettle story also explains the same.

Perception, often regarded as one of the excuses for unexplainable and paradox like situations is indeed not an infirmity. This was the start point for many ideas which later developed into innovations. This was the source of power using which the “human-technical” evolution took place. This needs to be endorsed right from the primitive levels of education and should be given sheer importance as no one knows what actually is hiding behind with a different face.

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