Now, or a decade later.

People tempt. People get tempted. Neither is wrong, for both are inherent traits of a human. One of the many things, which entices a person is one’s anxiety to know about his future. Not all can resist overcoming the temptation, who otherwise end up in front of a fortune teller. Later, after hearing the clairvoyant’s words, they reverberate inside the seeker’s mind making him believe that’s true, even though they aren’t. Thereby, falling into a deep well, that succumbs his/her’s vision to Hakuna Matata (look beyond what you see). The timeline of events pops up in the mind, every now and then and they shall stop putting efforts to change their future. One takes everything for granted and gets satisfied with what one gets.
“Why try when I know the prophecy?”

Maybe the prophecy would very well come true, but the reason it has become real is because of one giving up, instead of striving for a better future. Who knows it might also be written in one’s fate that one would know about the future, get depressed, give up and get satisfied for what one gets. We never know. Had one been slightly determined to alter the future, one would have overwritten it. The determination to overwrite the future is what one needs.

Hence, technozion calls all those who stretched their palm, all those who are planning on to and all those who did not yet, to write their future, for the future and the opportunity dangles at NIT Warangal. Journey down to Warangal, for you can not afford to lose the opportunity to learn the future technologies, develop your career and adapt yourselves to the pacing world. If you haven’t yet given a thought of voyaging to NITW, then think of it now, because after a week, Tz will be gone and you’d have to wait for maybe a decade to imagine what would have happened at Technozion 2018.

P.S. Penned by Saranga Vamshi, a final year student of NIT Warangal.