From the inception of Technozion, we have, or perhaps Technozion has witnessed close to a million people visiting it. Some of them rumble and let the ecstasy drive them here, while the remaining of them sit back and fret about the happenings at Technozion. There's one thing that remains common for both the kinds, they gnaw about the fest and that is where Technozion's horizon reaches; to every technology enthusiast sitting with a mobile.

If only the Darwinian evolution theory existed for Technozion, it would surely be fitted into one of the most evolved genes we've ever witnessed. Every year, Technozion evolves in a lot many ways than we can fathom. Every year, Technozion grows and as it ages, like an old saint, it imparts us with wisdom and knowledge which shall help us cope with the flurry of technological advancements. Technozion also witnesses an evolution with its theme, bettering every year since its inception, resembling the countenance of every coming year.

Like every word, Technozion stands for something and has always been open to interpretations. The people who have named it thought of it as a promised land (zion) of technology. But it varies from what people imbibe from it. For me, Technozion is an infinite horizon of technology and learning. It is a horizon where the land of opportunities and the sky of excellence meet. And unlike an actual horizon, the sky and the land do actually meet. This also goes well with the theme of this year's Technozion, Encontro- The vision of tomorrow, which literally translates to, 'meet the vision of tomorrow.'

With a land full of a few thousand promising engineers, this technical extravaganza is sure to keep its promises. This September fall, 'meet' Technozion 2018 on its journey to conquer the horizons beyond our present and beyond what future has in store for us.