Guest Blog: Going for Gold

As part of our efforts for a collaborative Technozion, we are introducing guest blogs by our very own NITW students turned writers.

The third post in this new series is here - elucidating the team spirit of TZ, written by Pavan Krishna Gadde.


Yes, we all know that.But whom should we appreciate for that metal? If we just rejoinder it as Mother Earth then we will be called as biased. Gold may be found in earth's crust but not in the form we adore. It is our Alchemists who are responsible for its glistening and vogue form. It's the alchemy that is to be appreciated. ALCHEMY or ALQUIMIA (Spanish) is the process of transforming the base metal into gold. This year our South India's second largest technical festival TECHNOZION comes up with the same theme, ALQUIMIA.But what is the link between gold and a techfest?

It's not about the product
It's about the initial and terminal stages involved
It's about the process involved

Ideas may be innumerable but only some will reach the stage of innovation.It's us, being the engineering alchemists who should transform the ideas into the form of innovation. Innovation and Technozion are so correlating that they can't be disconnected. What if the theme of Technozion is about innovation thereby resembling its sole aim? The result will definitely be doubled as in the case of a powerplay.

Do you know what Technozion is for us? It's the biggest festival that we celebrate in our second home, NIT Warangal. Yes, working together with brotherhood is our festivity. It's the festival that comprises of sleepless nights and restless works. Those restless nights may make us tired but they give us the exuberance we require throughout the year...They give us the memories to reminisce throughout our life....They give us the pride which we hunt for. It's the festival where we learn how to employ, how to manage, how to greet, how to cheer, how to enjoy, how to innovate, how to estimate, how to optimize, how to LIVE in the society...what not -

Those three days of merrymaking where we experience a deja-vu every year but with an increase in the standards of our character and skills which the previous years gave us. Those three days where a first-year guy feels fascinated every minute and a final year guy experience saudade and nostalgia every minute. Those three days where hours become minutes...nights become becomes becomes everything. Those three days where our eyes scintillate on seeing the spectacle of technology around the campus. Those three days where we can find thousands of new smiles a day, hundreds of new innovators a day, tens of new technologies a day making our day more than complete. Those three days where we feel we are not only real engineering students but also managers, guides, technicians, photographers, dancers, singers and explorers. Those three days are undoubtedly marked as the peak of our time vs education and time vs enjoyment curves every year.

Brace yourselves! Those three days are coming again!! This year our TECHNOZION is celebrated on October 27-29 with the most soulful theme ALQUIMIA. Come join us. Let's celebrate it together. Experience the technology...Explore the ideas....Enjoy the moments.....Envisage the evolvings! We are ready to receive your veneration. Experience our homage along with the technology. Are you ready??