Guest Blog: Gearing Up For Technozion 2017

We're loving the responses to the Guest Blog series. Here we have our budding writer Vamshi Saranga back with another impeccable piece on alchemy.

Alchemy is everywhere.

Flattened at the bottom and with a curved dome top, a drop of colorless acid falls into a test tube initially embossing a bluish volatile liquid. Vigorous reactions took place inside the test tube after the transparent drop touched the blue liquid's surface. The color of the mixture changed into deep yellow. A few drops of this yellowish liquid is let to fall on a dull, monotonous dark metal. Forthwith, the previously existed metal, which looked as if it had no life in it, turned into a lustrous metal, called as gold, reflecting all the light falling on it. This is alchemy and the people who convert such metals into aurum are alchemists.

Do you think that alchemy is confined only to this small volume of a test tube?

It isn't. Alchemy is everywhere. That bread you wanted toasted, singes with the heat energy transformed from electrical energy. That locomotive wheel you wanted whirled, budges with the mechanical energy transmuted from chemical energy. That plant you wanted green leafed, makes its own food with the chemical energy converted from light energy. It is everywhere.

Are you an alchemist?

Yes, you are.

That process you do to convert a 100 rupee note into dollars to live your life, makes you an alchemist. That process you do to transfigure the water into ice to chill your cool drink forges you as an alchemist. That process you do to crush the rice into pulp to feed a small child, shapes you as an alchemist. That process you do to transform your ideas into innovations, moulds you as an alchemist.

Surrounded by these umpteen ways in which you become an alchemist, you become an engineer and hence you create engineered Alchemy. That alchemy wherein, you apply your ideas to transform to stupendous gadgets and inventions. Engineered alchemy is the center of the spiral of these alchemy ideas and this curlicue dangles in NIT Warangal. Journey here and be a part of the helix, which will curl you into the world of alchemy. Voyage here and swim in the whirlpool of ideas which will gyre you into the test tube of alchemy. Cruise here and ride on the road to the history of alchemy.

So hurry up, book your tickets for Warangal, come along with your friends to NIT Warangal before the 27th morning of October, for you can't afford to lose to live the sumptuous alchemized atmosphere.

Join us in Technozion 2017 on 27th, 28th, and 29th October and make the most of this power-packed weekend of technical events, workshops, Nobel laureate guest lectures and brilliant pro-shows!