Guest Blog: Events @ Technozion

As a part of our efforts for a collaborative Technozion, we are introducing guest blogs by our very own NITW students turned writers. Here's an amazing article by ABSR Sateesh. Read on!

Have you ever been to the eastern part of Deccan Plateau? If so, have you visited an eminent forest where in the ingress lies a beautifully carved Kakatiya Pillar marked by ‘Karmaniva Hi Samsidhiha’ on it? If yes, you have been into one of the best places ever. If not, Don’t worry! Let me help you in navigating quick tour of the forest. As soon as you enter you would find Kalam International Hall named after an illustrious scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Just a few steps from there, you will find Asia’s largest Hostels, Institute Food courts where of course you find the best tastes ever :P, IG where
innovations take their birth, Sports Arenas, Departments, Library, Student Activity Centre where you discover your hidden talents and showcase them in so called luxurious car, ie, Audi. I guess you must be tired by now. Just relax! We shall finally move to Time Square Lawn-Admin Building wherein you would definitely love to spend most of your time and charge yourself with Fun & Entertainment. Are you wondering about the name of the forest? I guess you must have heard it many a times. It’s undoubtedly NITW which is a shoo-in for these remarkable things. It is well known for its diversity in Flora & Fauna much alike to Technical & Cultural. A little surprised right? But there are many more surprises waiting for you ahead. You will be very glad to know that the inhabitants of this forest:

‘ALCHEMISTS’ have the pride of conducting the Plateau’s Best 3-day Annual Forest Symposium. The divinity they have with their land, makes them call their festival “TECHNOZION” meaning ‘Promising Land of Technology’ evincing their reverence with land. The first part of this festival which excites everyone the most is “THEME”. Themes have always been an integral part of Technozion every year.

Theme defines the objective and feel of the fest. This year Alchemists are all set to present you
“Theme- ALQUIMIA: Transforming Ideas to Innovation” from ‘27-29 October 2017’ The forest at different latitudes of specialization and depths forms distinctly different 11 ecozones: CSE, ECE, EEE, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Biotechnology, Metallurgy, Maths, Physics, Chemistry. The
alchemists in all these ecozones conduct distinct enthralling events under the name “BRANCH EVENTS” to be explored by delegates of Festival.
CSE alchemists conduct Test your wits, Algolympics, Cross validate. ECE alchemists conduct Circuitrix, Electronic debugging, Matrix, Foxhunt. EEE alchemists conduct Witricity, Formula-e, Electrocution. Mechanical alchemists conduct Armrover, Robocricket, Mousetrap racer, i-engineer, Junkyard wars, Robogolf, Thrust. Chemical alchemists conduct Aromatisk, Chem-e- Car, Chem-e- Tempore, Chemphoenix. Civil alchemists conduct Aerial tram line, Hassle free city, Bridge fabrico, Concreting concrete. Biotechnology alchemists conduct Lumos, Track the past, Biochronous, Biomimicry. Metallurgy alchemists conduct Metal tracking,
Lost number. Maths alchemists conduct Amazing math, Maths in nature. Physics alchemists conduct Lazo labyrinth, Lazer tuzak. Chemistry alchemists conduct Chem quiz. All the alchemists of eco-zones also conduct “PAPER PRESENTATIONS” event.

Each ecozone also conducts “WORKSHOPS” to introduce delegates to cutting edge technologies that
are extremely new & having a lot of future scopes providing a hands-on experience under the mentorship of professionals. Some of the Workshops conducted earlier are: Bigdata & Hadoop, Android app Development, Cybersecurity & Ethical hacking, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wireless Hexapod, Embedded Systems in Smart cities, Internet of Things, Micro Quadcopter, Ic Engine & Atv Design, Smart Automotives, Autonomous & Biped Robotics, Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality, Communication System Design. Alchemists also conduct handful of “ONLINE EVENTS” Cryptex, Enigma, Kodekraft, Technoshot. Technozion consistently draws in world’s foremost experts in their respective fields for making “GUEST LECTURES”, either in person or via video conference. The lectures serve as educational forums that encourage interaction between collegiate students and
the finest in academia and industry. Some of the biggest names are: APJ Abdul Kalam, CR Gowrishankar, Hatim Zaghloul, Andre Rosendo, Sailesh Rathi, Ravi Nawal, Sanjit Mitra, Sir Anthony James Leggett and Dilip Chhabria.

The best part of the festival is a wonderland of 6 attractions under the name “SPOTLIGHTS”.
‘WRECKAGE’ gears up your thoughts to build an RC car and prove your mettle against other racers on the track. ‘AVION-E’ gears you up to be Schumacher of skies with your planes as the engine is the heart of an airplane but the pilot is its soul. ‘HOVERMANIA’ gives you chance to command your machine over the difficult terrains we have set in the minimum possible time to test the best master-slave pair. ‘JAHAAZ’ gives you a chance to satisfy your speed thirst and to feel the experience, thrill, desire and passion towards RC boat racing. The really fascinating part about ‘NATIONAL ROBOTICS CHAMPIONSHIP: Robowars, Line followers, Mobile controlled robotics’ is you start with a dead piece of hardware and you end up with a machine with character and embedded smarts. The largest inter-collegiate programming competition ‘NATIONAL PROGRAMMING LEAGUE’ gives chance to best and meticulously segregated programmers to battle it out to become the Napoleon of programming. Apart from technological brilliance, Technozion also envisions the social development of India. With this motto, it moves one step further every year in taking several “INITIATIVES” for addressing social and environmental causes. Few of the initiatives are Project Siksha, Aashayam Science Fair, One Stage, Eco-green Ganesha. Alchemists also conduct lots of “GENERAL EVENTS” namely, Fun-o- mania, Techfresh, Quanta3.0, Silver Epitome, Three Musketeers. There are a lot of “ATTRACTIONS” for
delegates to be explored: Inaugural, Proshow, Audinight, DJ night, Film Screening, Gamedome, Van-de-Graff, Peppers Ghost, Compact Car, Future House. By the time it gets dark, you would love the forest beautifully illuminated with lamps hanging all over. In addition to this, the Decoration team puts in flexes with crazy writings & few artistic models scattered across campus to get candid memories for lifetime shot.

The alchemists & delegates of forest feel like spending best part of their lifetime during 3 days of the fest. During this fest, the day starts at 9 am in the morning participating in events & ends at 4 am in the morning sitting in the lawn creating tons of memories. You must have got a brief idea of the fest by now.
So finally, let me find out the things that are running on your mind. It's damn sure you feel like experiencing and want to be a part of this prodigious technical culture, right! Why delay it then? We are all set to make the fairy tales come true for you.

If you have never been to this beautiful landscape, mark the dates, pack your bags and arrive here soon to find out how Regal the place & fest are. I would suggest you bring an extra bag along with you for the fest. Confused? Well, let
me clear your thoughts: This festival gives you loads of memorable moments. Where will you store
them when you leave? Got it, right! :D