Guest Blog: Alchemize @Technozion

As a part of our efforts for a collaborative Technozion, we are introducing guest blogs by our very own NITW students turned writers.
We've been receiving enthusiastic responses from our budding writers. The second post in this new series - here's an awesome article by Vamshi Saranga. Read on!

Do you think that the philosopher's stone existed only in the world of Harry Potter? Or do you think that philosopher's stone could just bring - You Know Who? There's much more. History tells that early investigators of processes with negative entropy, hinged their interest to quest a stone, they believed in, what they named as a Philosopher's stone. It is believed to possess many valuable powers such as the power to heal, to prolong life and to change base metals into precious metal such as gold. This sorcerer's stone was not literally a stone but instead it was made of wax, liquid or powder that embraced occult powers.

Alchemy is an art partly based upon experimentation and partly upon magic.

Alchemy is an epitome of transmute, metamorphose, transfigure, recast, redefine, redesign and finally re-engineer.

Transform the ideas you come up with into innovations which you can't drown into.

This Technozion'17, we aim for those who aspire to become an engineer, we invite those who are ready to experience the engineered alchemy. In general, we bulls-eye YOU. Both our motives are congruent. You yearn for your innovative ideas to forge into upshot with flying colors and we open our eyes wide for your upshots to fly high. And we believe the place for the above mentioned to transpire is NIT Warangal. Come here to sightsee the "Dimaag ki batti jaladi" things to betide, journey here to make others open-mouthed, or travel here to get mesmerized with the songster's melodious beats that resonate with your heart beat to amplify your spirits.