Origins and contemporaries

When you come across the phrase “ rings of Saturn”, there will be a picture of a large sphere with a concentric planar annulus flashing in your mind . That is the picture we have been witnessing in our textbooks and encyclopedias . Where did it come from ?? Yes , the telescope of course . A simple concept of light ray refraction through a transparent media with innovation and science as ingredients made it look like what it has been today !! So , by summing the whole thing everyone can proudly patent the idea to their conscience that the image of sun , stars and celestial bodies are pertinent to the concept of refraction .

A small but a remarkable amount of the world’s power generation is from Nuclear reactors . If you teleport to the time of its origin , you will find yourself before a scientist trying to break an atom into two . The concept of “ Nuclear fission “ it is . This concept as it travelled through its time line became a gargantuan one . A simple paradox of electromagnetic field around a light ray which crossed the mind of Einstein made way for the “ theory of relativity “ which forms a basis of modern day physics . How many of you know that the basic navigation system in air shuttles , space vehicles and huge ships use low tech “ gyroscope “ ??

If you ever wish to continue the list , I reiterate that you will never end . The world today actually exists because of two main important reasons . First , its movement (rotation and revolution) . Second , wheeling the basics with full pace . Existing isn’t existing if it isn’t meaningful . It is the transformation by being paragons at that point of time makes it so . The present day comfort filled world seizes to exist if there is no vision without which there will be no swift in burgeoning.

Gold , usually considered precious and as a sign of royalty also has its origin from an ordinary base metal as mentioned in RASARNAVAKALPA and in many ancient inscriptions of the world . Alchemy , the process is . Get ready to witness the “ engineered alchemy .“