Slowly as the winter fades, the leaves start shedding. Sandwiching between the cold and hot climates, lies the AUTUMN. It is an accustomed analogy that falling pertains to negativity or a downfall. But this “shedding” has something surreptitiously hidden under it. Soon as we dig this tunnel in search of the truth we arrive at a parallelism with innovation.

This capricious activity in plants is a game changer in the field of science and technology, I can reiterate in a firm tone. This statement is completely antithetical to the concept of ‘superfluous’ as it is strictly veracious. There is one single entity which answers every problem, suggests pathbreakers and infuses required knowledge to outright everything. The nature it is. It is imperative to laud our nature as every single idea that lead to massive innovations has their root causes linked with nature.

The leaves that fall make way for the new ones to sprout. Unless they are shed, even though by having the efficacy to serve the parent for a further long time line, they don’t proliferate new ones. The same applies to the usage of the present day technology. The contemporary technological usage, to be precise. It has to be shed to drive the future technologies on to the road with full pace. This is the major requirement of the day. This doesn’t mean to waste the tech services per se but you do see my point. The ‘need’ is what that should make this process wheel with full swing.

What if everyone is satisfied with the level of technology present and no movement takes place?? “Technological stagnation” is what arrives and it lists the table of humungous catastrophes for sure. Gain and deprivation are words which usually come and go together. Technozion 2k17 this year with transforming ideas to innovation as its motto, aims at escalation of the future technologies. Get ready to be a witness of this !!