Apart from Technicality!

'Yes, they are resourceful! No they aren't' People often doubt how fruitful tz days are. With all the distraining activities round the campus all over the year, People here celebrate this extravaganza in the way it has to be. With glittering on faces of people and walls, Loads of exhilaration to fetch something is indeed seen in our guests coming all across the nation.

People come for no reason and leave with a heap of altruism. With perceptions carrying all through a man's journey, they leave him with all elated memories to pile up. This cycle of life in any note is seized to reform. Followed with an ancient and crawling to medieval, above norms do not alter. We are prone to flamboyancy in the infant stage, forced to live in adulthood and accepted to leave the world later. The only reason why we live is the thin line of gleefulness that holds our entire life cycle ungiving.

Coming once a year and quad for life, Technozion never fails to find it's way in your treasure. It indeed finds out a reason for you to cherish. It even pushes you to toil enough to boast of what good has been done by you to your institute. Colourful TZ nights add up astonishing guest lectures and gripping events of technological combat. Diversifying notions coil down to the single arena. Never ending laughter end up in a memory that takes summit in your heart.

Today people boasts NIT Warangal as we stand among august institutions. Standing as an epitome of prestige, Technozion is one of the many aspects that hold our institute's pride high. The stage is set for tz to gleam like never before and it is your part to store it in our heart to the most regulated manner!